Lies, Book Titles & my Dream Team

Yesterday’s stop on my book blog tour was hosted by Fabulous & Brunette.

Check it out to read one of my favorite excerpts from DREAM WATERS (Dream Waters #1) —it’s the reader’s first glimpse of Benjamin, one of my darker characters, who plays a major role in later books —and read my interview to find out what I’ve lied about, how I came up with my book titles & the actors I’d choose to play my characters on the big screen!



2 Replies to “Lies, Book Titles & my Dream Team”

    1. Yes! That is Jason Isaacs, holding MY BOOK!!!!! I love him, too! Met him at ComicCon in Montreal last summer. I’ve always pictured him playing David Talbot —one of the main characters in my series. I thanked him for inspiring me to create the character, told him I’d pictured him playing the role since the day I created the character and offered him a copy of the book. He accepted the book, got up from the table to go put it in his bag and asked if I’d sold the movie rights!!!!!! I was super proud of myself for managing to speak to him in coherent sentences. Pictures do not do him justice. I swear to God, he’s even more beautiful in person. And who knows, maybe when I do sell the movie rights some day, he’ll remember that crazy writer who took a 13 hour round trip just to put that book in his hand. It was one of the craziest things I’ve ever done. I’d do it again in a heartbeat!!!

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