Benevolent Audiobook Update

After getting my first chance to listen to a clip of BENEVOLENT’s audiobook-in-progress this weekend, I’m really looking forward to listening to the finished product!

Me & Fitz, the faces behind the voices of Abigail & Castiel in Benevolent’s audiobook

This project has been a unique experience for me because I’m narrating the majority of the audiobook myself. My friends and work family have been listening to me talk/whine about the recording process for months now, and my biggest concern with the audiobook has always been that my “deep male voice” wasn’t deep enough — or male enough. I’m thrilled to announce that my friend Scott Fitzgerald, Fitz from the morning show on 93.3 FM, is lending his much deeper (and much manlier) voice to the project! He will be doing the voice of my favorite trench-coat-wearing angel, Castiel, in BENEVOLENT’s audiobook!

Listen to a clip of the audiobook-in-progress.

Not only is Fitz contributing his voice to this project, but he is also producing the audiobook, as he is an engineer / co-owner of Roc Vox Recording & Production Studio in Pittsford, NY. I’ll be sure to post updates when the audiobook is available to purchase!

The Story Behind BENEVOLENT

While I was halfway through writing Book Four of my Dream Waters Series, I was spending my downtime watching Supernatural on Netflix with my son and husband. I sat down to write one night after watching an episode and for some reason, I couldn’t get the show’s utterly endearing trench-coat-wearing angel out of my head. Thinking there might just be a story there, I abandoned my work in progress and started searching the internet to find out if Castiel was the name of an actual angel from the Bible. Allowing myself to get sidetracked that night ended up producing a story that’s near and dear to my heart for several reasons.

It’s definitely been an exciting journey taking my story from that first night of procrastination, through ten months of writing, beta reader feedback and editing, and on to the Supernatural convention in Cleveland where I entered BENEVOLENT in the Giving Back Tour’s Creative Quest.

Our convention weekend started with a bus tour of Cleveland with Rob Benedict & Jason Manns. (That’s me & my husband 4 rows behind Rob.)

The rest of the weekend was a blast!

To read the full story behind my story download the Preface to BENEVOLENT.

Benevolent—Abigail’s Playlist

I’ll be heading to Cleveland next month for the Supernatural Convention’s Giving Back Tour. The convention includes a Creative Quest —where Supernatural fans can submit an original creative work with a Supernatural / rock-and-roll theme.

I’m submitting an unpublished finished young adult novel that pairs with a playlist.

If you’d like to take a sneak peek at the playlist, click on the link below:

Benevolent —Abigail’s